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Who We Are

Hareta Control slides was formed by a unique partnership between a New England Histology Lab and a leading provider of laboratory consumables. We did not want control slides to be just a sideline part number with no dedicated expertise so we formed a separate supply chain where the lab works directly with us and our customers.. 

  • 100% Human Tissue
  • First and last slide of each box stained for 100% results (You receive 2 stained slides in each box)
  • Pure white glass charged slides with no advertisement markings leaving more room for your work.
  • Super competitive prices
  • Staining protocols on website
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Technical support from trained Histologists just an email away.
  • No ripoff freight charges. You pay what we pay. We are not in the freight business
  • Are you tired of getting the wrong thing for your Pathologist? Email us first to be sure.
Our Value Proposition to you.

Our Slides

Packed and produced under the most clean conditions. Pure white glass with no  markings leaving more room for you to work...

Our Tissue

100% Human .

Our comittment

Our control slides are 100% guaranteed to meet your needs. No need to bundle other products to get good prices or support. No ripoff freight upcharges!! You pay what we pay.